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Franchise Opportunities

Everyone could use a little help. @WORK HelpingHands Services franchise makes it easy. We concentrate on four main areas of service including daily living assistance and senior services, personal concierge, homemaker's services and parents' helper services. Similar to an adult day care business, in the convenience of the clients home in stead.

Know the freedom of owning your own business with the backing of a national franchise system. @WORK HelpingHands Services Franchise offers both the best low investment opportunity and widest range of services in the non-medical in-home care franchise industry while allowing you to set prices and control service programs without barriers from the franchisor.

Now you can pick the desired care services right for you and your family.

Our insured and bonded employees are fully trained and sensitive to eldercare and disability issues, home-making concerns and the needs of all ages. For any kind of non-medical care, our qualified employees are on the way to your home.

Overview of Senior Care Business - @Work Helping Hands Franchise Opportunity

Daily Living Assistance & Senior Services Franchise

Owning your own business is a rewarding experience. It takes a lot of guts to take the plunge and open your doors to the public. We at @WORK Franchise Opportunities know this. If you are thinking about becoming a business owner, there are a couple of things you might want to consider:

  • Focus on a business that is growing today and that also has a strong potential for the future.
  • Choose an industry that suits your personality, skills and comfort level.
  • Calculate the initial investment and fee structure for start-up costs, as well as total investment required.

After you have selected the industry that best suits your interest, you might want to consider buying a franchise. If you decide to go that route, carefully evaluate which franchise system is equipped to give you the most support. Think about:

  • The maturity and success of the franchisor
  • The support systems
  • The technological systems
  • Daily office support programs
  • Future growth potential

Consider the non-medical in-home care industry for your new business venture.

Did you know that the population of individuals age 65 and older numbered 35 million in 2000 and has shown an increase of 3.7 million or 12% since 1990? That means about one person in every eight, or 12.4% of the population, falls into this category. Over 2 million persons celebrated their 65th birthday in 2000 and have an average life expectancy of an additional 17.9 years. About 30% (9.7 million) of non-institutionalized older persons currently live alone. And, by the year 2030, the older populations will more than double to about 70 million. That's a lot of potential business for the home care industry.

About @WORK HelpingHands Services Franchise

@WORK HelpingHands Services is a nationwide franchise network of service providers who supply a wide variety of non-medical in-home care and/or service personnel to individuals who desire assistance. Our franchisees offer a wide selection of services under the four general headings of Daily Living Assistance & Senior Services, Personal Concierge, Homemaker's Services, and Parents' Helper. (To learn more about these categories, please click the Services link.)

The @WORK Franchise Opportunity Commitment

@WORK franchise opportunity is committed to each and every one of our @WORK franchises. We feel a personal responsibility to our franchise owners and provide an extensive support system that supplies experienced corporate assistance and training to ensure your prosperity.

We think that one of the most important aspects of our @WORK franchise network is the relationship between you and us, the franchisee and franchisor. We see this relationship as crucial to the level of success that you achieve. This is why we place such high emphasis on the standards, quality, facilities and personnel in each franchise operation. All of these elements combine to present a professional image and workplace that our clients and employees have come to depend upon.

We believe that success is germinated in the relationship between you and us. We work under the premise that open communication and the exchange of ideas are what keep us vibrant and alive. And it is important to us that your franchise experience is fulfilling, rewarding and profitable. We are here to provide you with all the assistance and support you need to make your @WORK franchise your dream business.

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